Moms Don't Quit! Book

You can develop a healthier and stronger relationship with your tween or teen.

This book will tell you how!

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We want to stay connected with our children but often times, the pressures and distractions of life can pull them away from us. It’s never too late to strengthen or mend this relationship. You don’t have to be the perfect mom to guide, influence, and stay connected with your youngster during these critical years. You can simply make a few tweaks in your parenting style, so you can raise a successful, confident, independent child.

In MOMS DON'T QUIT!, Dr. Yanina will help you: 

  • Connect and communicate with your child in a meaningful way.  
  • Discipline, influence and coach them successfully. 
  • Be actively involved in their life without being perceived as intrusive or nosy. 
  • Better understand, support and be in tune with your child during their quest for identity, self-control, independence and deeper relationships. 
  • Manage and help them overcome emotional ups and downs, negative influences and pressures despite the mixed messages they’re constantly receiving. 

Through her personal journey, Dr. Yanina discovered how to detoxify your life and adopt a healthier, mindful lifestyle and parenting style. In this book, she'll help you to do the same.

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Moms Are Saying...

"I just finished reading Dr. Yanina's book today! It was an easy and inspiring read and I have already tried implementing some of the strategies to reconnect with my teens. I especially liked the part about not just taking things away from them and jumping to conclusions (something that I am working on). Thanks, Dr. Yanina, for sharing your super powers :)" - Nicole

"Dr. Yanina's book gives welcomed, PRACTICAL advice for those of us entering the teen and tween years. As a mom of four boys, I was thrilled to find a book with easy to implement strategies for those of us who struggle to "do it all." And it's not just a book focusing on only the kids.... it shows you how to personally thrive as well." - Chelise

"I bought this book for my sister as a Mothers Day gift. Dr. Yanina has been a true inspiration for us all and anyone who has kids should consider this book. It has all the help you might need as a parent. While reading it, it felt like I was talking to an expert, such an easy read, informative, inspiring, powerful guide for all the moms out there. This is a perfect gift for every parent you know." - Sarvin